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Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Welcome to our Blog!

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Hello readers! Welcome to Pearls Before Press, the most progressive, niche publisher of the 21st century! Yes - that's a big claim, but if a quick trawl through our sea of fine works hasn't convinced you already, hang tight and enjoy our upcoming blog posts featuring incredible guest authors as well as featured PBP writers! Do you need some hints and hacks on writing? Look for posts by guest (and nationally recognized "ghost") writer, Jack Champlin. How about workspace comfort and physical challenges and economies in your writing space? Look for advice from nationally syndicated ergonomist Roberta A. Feliz.

A personal note: When I got the call from PBP Executive Cary Funk-Ross, I nearly fell out of my futon. Cary is one of the most respected and forward thinking executives in book publishing. I was a mere grad school graduate with a Masters of Fine Arts. (Hint: "unemployable," unless waiting tables is your life's ambition.) Cary had faith and gave me a shot as Acquisitions Editor. It's a dream job: picking out books that I (and we at PBP) believe will make a difference. We sincerely hope you enjoy out Pearls of Wisdom blog series. And, thank you readers!

Andrea Philmore


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Nov 15, 2023

Mr. Tulane:

Expressing your views on our mutual and court-sanctioned business arrangements in the public domain is unsavory and hardly in keeping with the actions of a self-avowed "perfectionist." A word to the wise is sufficient.



Nov 13, 2023

Hi Andrea, It's Brad again. Great first post! This blog has great promise! Speaking of "promise," don't forget that the court settlement and contract calls for me to be a guest blogger. You didn't mention me in the post, so I just wanted to make sure you remembered. And I know we talked about the back royalties with your attorney, Mr. Wiggins, in the Zoom with Cary last week, but if you could send last month's ASAP it would really help with my rent situation, because last time the bastards cut off power to my shop in the middle of a project. Plus, it's flipping cold in that place once the power's cut off.


Incredible Brad Tulane

Andrea Philmore
Andrea Philmore
Nov 13, 2023
Replying to


Thank you for the encouraging words. Don't worry, you will definitely receive your opportunity to post in accordance with the contract and settlement. Likewise, you'll recall that the payment scheduling issues were fully resolved by the settlement. Any delays you may be experiencing are purely administrative and beyond our immediate control, in light of the impending government shutdown. Mr. Wiggins said he's available to speak with you, again, on this matter. He also suggested wearing a thermal under-layer in the event your business suffers a power shutdown. Mr. Wiggins also suggests that we not use a public forum like this to discuss these matters.

With kind regards,


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