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Our Pledge Regarding AI

Several commenters on our PBP Blog posts have raised the issue of the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I would like to take this opportunity to discuss our thoughts on this extraordinarily timely subject. Pearls Before Press stands opposed to the use of AI by writers in the writing and creative processes. We publish books created solely through traditional creative processes: individual effort and more effort, without assistance from AI. Each of our PBP writers has certified to PBP that the given author’s work is neither comprised nor composed, in whole or in part, by or through the use of AI. These certifications are backed up by signed affidavits now on file in the office of our in-house counsel, Filbert L. Wiggins. The affidavits may be viewed by interested parties by appointment, only.

We hope it is clear to our readers that Pearls Before Press is committed to transparency and honesty. When a member of the public comes to our site to view our incredible library of works, we want that person to feel comfortable and secure knowing that their perusals will be based on truthful, forthright depictions of our writers’ works. In short, there are no silly shams with PBP. No machine generated fodder passed off as creativity. And that is our pledge to you, our valued readers.


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Nov 17, 2023

Andrea - two words: Bah bah!

Emil Krongaard

Nov 17, 2023
Replying to

Mr. Wiggins,

Frankly, you bore me. My response of "Bah bah" refers to my work published by your client. Do you recall? It's "Are We Sheep?" Did my work and my contract slip your mind? Anyone reading my book would know that "Bah bah" is voiced as a positive expression of agreement throughout, not the opposite. I recommend you crawl back to your dank attorney netherworld and let us kindly humans and sheep live in peace.


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